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Work Rehabilitation

Get Your Strength Back & Get Back to Work

Work Rehabilitation
When you have been injured on the job, the quickest way to get your flexibility and endurance back is with the proper physical therapy treatments. Get what you need at Southport Rehab Associates in order to return to work.
Not only will you be treated at the office, you will also learn specific exercises that you can do while you are at home to recover even more quickly.
Start With an Evaluation
In order to receive the best individual treatment in your case, we will start by performing "functional testing." This will allow you to focus on your tolerance abilities related to endurance, speed, flexibility, and strength. It is our commitment to you to provide a symptom-free lifestyle.
Experience Ergonomic and Worksite Analysis
The safest way to prevent future injuries at work is by analyzing what happens while you are there now.
  • Posture
  • Positioning
  • Task steps
  • Tools
Don't Worry About the Cost
Work injuries can be costly to treat. Generally, you are going to qualify for some sort of workers’ compensation, or you will be covered under insurance. Let us deal with the companies so you can focus on getting well.