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leg injury

Appointment/Treatment Questions & Information

What can I expect at my first appointment?
Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your first appointment.
At your first appointment you will need to bring with you the Doctor’s Prescription and your insurance card(s). You will fill out all necessary paperwork and be informed of your Physical Therapy benefits and any monies owed at the time of service. You will then be evaluated by one of our licensed therapists and start treatment which is determined by your diagnosis and plan of care.
How long does each session last?
Each session usually lasts 45-60 minutes.
What type of therapist will I see for my treatment?
You will be placed with one of our Professional Licensed Physical or Occupational Therapists/Certified Hand Therapists who specializes in your type of diagnosis and/or injury.
Will my doctor be informed of my treatment and progress being made at Southport Rehab?
Once your Initial Evaluation is completed it will be sent to your referring doctor. We will also send periodic Patient Progress Reports to your referring doctor so he/she is informed of your progress made during therapy and also so your therapist and doctor can work together to give you the best care possible.

Insurance Questions/Information

Will my insurance be verified and checked prior to my first appointment?
Yes. As a courtesy, our professional office staff will verify your insurance benefits before your first visit. It is highly recommended that you also verify your insurance benefits as well.
What is the difference between a copayment (copay) and coinsurance (coins)?
A copayment is a set dollar amount determined by your insurance plan that is due at the time of each visit. For example, if you have a set $20 copay, that amount is due at each appointment.
Coinsurance is the percent amount determined by your insurance that will be owed once the claim is paid by your insurance company.
The percent due is based on the individual contracted fee. For example, if you have benefits that are payable at 90/10, that means your insurance will pay 90 percent of the claim and you will be responsible for the other 10 percent. At each visit you will be responsible to pay approximately $10 which will be applied to your ending balance. The amount will be undetermined until your insurance company processes your claim(s).
What is a deductible?
The deductible amount is determined by your insurance plan. It is the amount that is owed by you before your insurance company will pay for any insurance claims. For example, if you have a $500 deductible you will have to pay that amount before your insurance will pay for any of the medical expenses. At each visit we will collect monies to be applied toward your deductible expense. That amount will be undetermined until your insurance company processes your claim(s).
How does the payment that I make at each visit get applied to my account?
The money that you pay at each visit will be applied to your account in the form of deductible, copay, or coinsurance, which ever applies. The total amount due is determined by your insurance. You will then receive a statement for any outstanding monies.
What if my statement shows a credit?
All the monies that were collected at each visit will be held in your account until your insurance pays the account in full.
Please contact Southport Rehab Associates with any questions at: 262-694-3977.